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Green Campus Initiative 

About Us!

What is GCI?

The Green Campus Initiative (GCI) is a student group focused on making our campus a more sustainable institution. Currently, GCI is working towards reducing single-use plastics at the campus, county, and state levels. 

What goals/accomplishments are we trying to reach?​

At the state level, we are working to either enable a statewide ban on unnecessary single-use plastics or to lift the preemption that currently prevents counties and municipalities from restricting sale or distribution of single-use plastics. We completed an eight month research project on the economic, ecological, and health consequences of single-use plastics in Florida. A twenty minute video summarizing this research as well as a detailed report is available here: Our study was cited in the November 2021 “Update of the FDEP 2010 Retail Bags Report” conducted by researchers at the University of Florida. In December 2021 we presented our research to the Miami-Dade Delegation of the Florida State Legislature. Additionally GCI was funded by the Izaak Walton League to attend the 37th annual Everglades Coalition Conference. We will travel to Tallahassee to advocate directly at the legislative session. 

Is there a message we wish to send to the general population? What message?

GCI believes that a sustainable future is not only possible, but necessary. Because our research shows that unnecessary single-use plastics harm our health, environment, and economy, actions must be taken to reduce their use. We strive to make FIU a leader in an effort to eliminate unnecessary single-use plastics. 

How can students benefit from this club?

Students can benefit from GCI as it provides them with experience in environmental policy and advocacy. Few of the many skills that are enhanced through GCI include public speaking, research, collaboration, and creating material that moves its chosen audience to action. 

What makes this club different from all the rest?

GCI is a small group of students with big goals to save our planet. At GCI we shoot high and put in hard-work to reach our target. GCI has been celebrated by peers for “actually doing something” and taking action rather than dreaming about what could be done.

Interested in joining us? Sign up below!

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