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Plastics If You Ask

Reducing Single-Use Plastics at FIU

Plastics If You Ask: Welcome

FIU, a University of Distinction in Environmental Resilience, strives to be a leader in sustainability. In response to student and faculty request, beginning August 29th, food vendors will remove all plastic straws, cup lids, and bags from the dining counters, and will make them available only upon request.  The Plastics If You Ask initiative is the first step along a strategic pathway towards a plastic-free campus. With your support FIU can become the first major university in South Florida to eliminate unnecessary plastics.  We encourage all of you, faculty, students, and staff, to jump on board the Plastics If You Ask initiative to protect our waterways and our health.

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Why Reduce Plastics at FIU?

The destruction caused by plastic pollution in marine ecosystems is widely recognized and the health effects of micro-plastics are becoming more severe, including causing carcinogenic toxins to accumulate in the food chain. More than 70 nations, including the European Union and Canada have already adopted restrictions on single-use plastics, and the United Nations is developing an international treaty to limit global plastic pollution.  Miami-Dade County has adopted a voluntary “Plastic-Free 305” certification program to reward businesses that reduce single-use plastics.  FIU is joining the effort.

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Our Partners

We would like to thank our internal partners the Faculty Senate, FIU Business Services, Student Government Association, Office of University Sustainability, Honors College Green Campus Initiative, and other student groups who together with Chartwells and Pepsi/Vending are leading FIU toward eliminating unnecessary single-use plastics.

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Plastics If You Ask: Activities
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GCI in the News

GCI Members interviewed with Louis Aguirre to discuss their research and the importance of legislative change


FIU Next Horizon 

The Plastics if You Ask initiative is in line with FIU's Next Horizon Strategic Plan

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Everglades Protection

FIU is dedicated to protecting our Everglades, the Plastics If You Ask initiative is helping in doing just that

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